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Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots, Horse riding boots, equestrian boots Long life durability
Multi-fit, fits any calf width
Climate Control
Stirrup balance system
Hoof proof toe protection
Long riding boots, tall riding boot, field boots,
safety riding boots, dressage boots
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Our English horse riding boots are designed for the horse rider. The Climate Control Technology, Stirrup balance system and other features really work and are ideal winter apparel. The leather riding boots, paddock boots, barn and stable boots are rot and waterproof and suitable for barn work and any equestrian activity such as dressage, show jumping, eventing and endurance riding.
The Fitting Room. To find the perfect fit for your leg, use our Calf Sizer, CLICK HERE...
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Elegant riding boots
Boots made in Britain at the Equitector factory
Louise Lambert - Leisure Rider

"I had honestly given up all hope of ever owning a pair of tall riding boots because I have short legs with wide calves!

Equitector however have saved the day and I now have a lovely pair of leather tall boots that I'm utterly delighted with.

They're well made, beautiful and are really comfortable - I now look and feel the part and can't wait to go to our next competition when I'm the envy of all my friends!

The barn boots with chaps that I have I love too. I use these for barn work and the steel toe has saved my foot many a time. No more chilblains, these stable boots are the best winter boots I have ever owned. They really kept my feet warm."

Smart - Practical - Hardwearing boots
Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

 Looking for the perfect fitting English
tall riding boots or hunting boots?

Short, Medium and Tall  leg heights

  Off the shelf calf fittings; Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide.

(13 to 19 inch)

Foot size Ladies 4 - 11, Men's 8 -15 incl half sizes.

To find out what boot fits you  Click Here

Custom made boots also available.(Any height or width)

 Hunting top boots are custom made, zipped or pull on versions.

Self measure Insurance (Optional)

Ladies & Men's Chaps 

13 to 20" calf fitting with height adjustment.

Custom made chaps are available.

Equitector - Fine riding boots & paddock boots

If you are a Para rider or disabled and need specially adapted boots, we can help.Click here.

Prices quoted are in US Dollars

All Equitector boots have a 1 year guarantee.

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